Steam Training

on-site steam training from JGS Associates Ltd.

Eur Ing J Gary Sowerby CEng FEI - providing on-site steam training.

Gary Sowerby has been running his own consultancy company - JGS Associates Limited - for some ten years. As well as giving technical advice on process steam and its associated equipment, his main activity has been arranging on-site steam training courses and lectures. This on-site training provides flexibility for the Engineering Manager responsible for the training of his engineering team, thus minimising undue disruption to the important daily and shift pattern responsibilities of his personnel.

JGS Associates Limited is an Approved Training Provider having received full Accreditation by the Energy Institute.

Philosophy of on-site steam training

Over the years, JGS Associates Limited has developed the philosophy of providing a wide range of on-site steam training lectures conveniently on the steam user’s own premises, utilising their training room facilities and, as a practical exercise, accessing their own industrial steam plant as part of the training.

JGS Associates Limited has developed three Grades of training to encourage the professional development of engineering personnel.

These Grades of training are aimed at initially meeting the needs of the apprentice technician and encouraging other engineering personnel in their developing career towards senior engineer status and engineering manager positions, thus assisting the Engineering Manager to develop a training path for each of his engineering staff.

In the interests of maintaining safety standards and engineering regulations, the subject matter of each training session is continually under review. For example, the topical subject Implementing Carbon Management (Grade 1, Topic 2) is now highlighting good steam routines and initiatives to reduce Carbon Emissions on process steam plants and subsequently going through various examples of minimising steam losses with the aim of reducing Energy.